Smart Watch Price in Pakistan

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Before writing about smart watch price in Pakistan, first, we should understand what is Smart Watch and what is its advantage in our daily life. Well, smart watch is a hand-wrist watch having a kind of mobile phone functionality in it. It is a very useful gadget that has made our life easier. In many offices and industries, mobile phone usage is not allowed and at that time it comes to play its role. Wear your smart watch and you may use it as mobile while other people will be unaware of it.

Now let us come to the point. What should be the price of a smart watch? The answer to this question depends upon many factors like the quality, branding, operating system, specifications, features, performance, size of touch screen, and design of the smartwatch.

Some watches come with a simple interface and can be used while connected with the Bluetooth of a mobile phone as their smart mobile functionality depends upon mobile phone connectivity. Without connecting with a mobile, they work just like a normal watch but with some additional functions like steps counter, fitness tracker, blood pressure, and heart rate monitor. They may or may not be android smart watches, however, WiFi is available in most of them. They are available at low prices.

Some companies manufacture high quality and advanced watch series like Apple Watch and some android smartwatches that support inserting SIM and they are independent of Bluetooth connectivity from other mobile phones, although they support Bluetooth connectivity as an additional feature. They are also WiFi supported and usually have more pricing range.

Samsung Smart Watch Price in Pakistan

Before writing about Samsung Smart Watch Price in Pakistan, first, let us know more about Samsung. It is a top leading brand that is producing and supplying electronic equipment almost all over the world.

Samsung manufactures high-quality smart watches and have android as their operating system. Samsung uses the advanced and latest technology to manufacture their smart watches. Its adorable design and features convert your dreams into reality. They can be connected with multiple devices. Most Samsung Smart watches work through Bluetooth connectivity and they are also WiFi and GPS supported. Its tracker and GPS technology work well to track your watch in case it is lost somewhere. Even they can control robotic products. They have a built-in Google Play Store through which we can easily download any android app just like we do on android phones.

Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Gear Fit are the most common series offered in the Samsung Watches category. However, they are available in a great variety of color schemes like Black, Silver, Rose Gold, Blue, Pink, and more.

Samsung Smart Watches are available at the pricing range from PKR Rs.14000 to PKR Rs.65,000.

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