HIDs 25 / 55 / 100 / 150 / 200 Watts - High Quality - Affordable Price - Suitable for almost every car - Buy HID Lights Online in Pakistan - Wide range of High-Intensity Discharge Lamps are available.


Are you living in an area that is known for its notoriously darker nights? Or do you travel a lot in your car at night time from one city to another? If yes, then you need to get HID Lights for your car.


We have provided you with high-quality HID Lights on our site. You can choose the HID light that suits you the best, and we assure you that it will be of premium quality. At the moment, we are offering HIDs in 25watts, 55 watts, 100 watts, 150 watts, and 200 watts.


So light up your path, and life, with the help of HID Lights presented on our site. Every product available is delivery ready, all you need is to order it and it will be on its way to you.


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Please note that HIDs only refer to High-Intensity Discharge lamp or light, but it is not related to the terms like host-based intrusion detection, PCI dss, suspicious activity, network-based intrusion detection system hids, intrusion detection system nids, log files, open-source hids, incident response, operating systems, Linux solaris, file integrity, network intrusion detection systems, host intrusion detection systems, real-time, anomaly-based, security event, network traffic, malicious activity, and detection methods etc.

HIDs 25 / 55 / 100 / 150 / 200 Watts

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