Password JDM Rear Tow Hook Red / Blue / Black


Best Quality Alloy Adjustable Rear Tow Hook

Imagine being stranded in an undesirable place, or the middle of a street because your car broke down. Your options include moving to the side, but how will you move your car? Or imagine that your car gets stuck in a hedge or in the mud and all that pushing isn't working. What do you do? Well, you forgot to take a necessary tool with you. That's the Tow Hook. With this Password JDM Rear Tow Hook you can move your car to a better place and pull it out of the mud. So what are you waiting for? Order now at

Also known as (Rear Tow Hook, Screw In Tow Hook, Heavy Duty Tow Hook, Off-Road Tow Hook, Front Tow Hook)

Product Specification:

Item Type:Towing Bars

Item Height:26 cm

Brand Name:new

Model Name:110109000236

Item Width:0 ft

Car Make:all

Item Length:26 cm

Material Type:Billet Aluminum

Item Weight:0.52 kg

Item Type:Towing Bars

Password JDM Rear Tow Hook Red / Blue / Black

SKU: CA-0001
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