Buy Professional Poker Cards (standard 52-card pack) online in Pakistan. Cash on Delivery (COD) is also available. They are not just high-quality plastic cards but they are gold plated playing cards having a unique design. We have imported the card sets from registered trademark and top graded playing card manufacturers.


Not only the current decade but card games are popular for a long time. It is a great way of exciting yourself if you feel bored, and it will provide you great entertainment right after you start playing. Among them, poker games are widely played card games.


The game consists of 52 deck of cards in total. Upon distributing the cards, which cards you get is your luck, but how to use the cards at the right time is your strategy.


The cards played during the game or the remaining cards in your hand determine the previous strategy of how you played the game and what to do next. Keeping your mind focused and alert plays an important role in winning the game.


The lowest cards in each player's hand are the wild cards. Such designated cards can stand for another card of the player's choice.


In the poker game, the cards having the face of a character printed on them are the face cards. The characters on the face cards can be Jack, Queen, or King.


Ace of Spades or Spadille and Death Card) is the most valued card in the poker game. Although its value varies from game to game, still we can say that it is the most significant card in the game.


The cards of Ace, King, Queen, and Jack combine to make a set of twelve cards, that set is known as Court Cards.


Games played: How many games won or lose from how many games played are the rules of the sets of the game.


Multiple games were originated from a poker set, some of them are more tricky like a trump card. It refers to something that is hidden and involves magic tricks. In this game, certain predefined points are designated as to each card, highest trump card is referred to Jass that has the highest points having the value of twenty.


The poker set suit is classified into 13 ranks that are used to compute the probability of equal rank cards in stud poker.


The most common set of playing cards is the standard 52-card deck of French-suited playing cards.


It is interesting to know that some people use them as tarot cards.


These gold plated PVC plastic deck of playing cards are the best quality cards. Either you play as a home game or if you have become a professional poker player, this product is what you actually need.


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Professional Poker Cards

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