Don't worry if Seat Belt Locking Clip or Seat Belt Fastener of your car has been damaged. You can buy a new one from us at affordable pricing. A new car comes with built in locking clip, but daily usage of it may damage it. Car manufacturers set it up while car seat installation. The top tether of the lap and shoulder belt is tightened whereas the lower position allows us to wrap it up on our shoulder and fix its locking clip. In case you find the lap belt or latch plate as lose, consult with a safety technician and ask him to fix it. Make sure its adjustment position should be in the way that it should majorly cover the shoulder portion. It is fastened between the front two seating positions, however, in some cars, they are available on the back seat as well. If there is a child car seat, it must be there as well, if not available or damaged, don't delay consulting a child passenger safety technician. It is as important for the child car seat as important for adult seats.


Seat belt locking is very necessary during the drive. It is important for our safety. The government has made it compulsory to lock the seat belt otherwise a challan may be issued. It is essential for adults as well as children. Use the seat belt for yourself and also for your child to keep your child restraint to straight body posture.


It is attached to a shoulder belt that helps to keep the human body position straight. Otherwise, in case of minor or major accidents, we may collide with the steering wheel or dashboard that may cause a severe injury. Even, in case of emergency braking, we get severe jerks that can also cause such collision which can be avoided with seat belts only.


This Seat Belt Locking Clip works with normal as well as Emergency Retractor Seat Belts and can be adjusted with any local or imported car.

Seat Belt Locking Clip

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